Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Back to School is Fraught With a Mixture of Nerves and Excitement!

It's that time of year again where kids are ushered back to school.  How do I know?  The school bus has a route that travels right in front of my house and all the obnoxious back to school tv ads asking parents to dig deep into their pockets for all necessary school supplies and trending outfits.
What are parents thinking?  Whew! finally, we can get back into a routine and get that kid out from under my feet.
What are kids thinking?  OOOOMMMMGGGGGG!  I'm not ready :( but soooo excited to see all my friends.
What are teachers thinking?    New curriculum for math and reading, 28 kids in my class, rigorous standards that I need to get each of my kids to meet and............when is that first long weekend?
Lots going on, lots of assorted emotions and anxiety.  How can you make this transition smooth for all?
Get kids excited about school;make back to school shopping an event to include labeling and organizing their mountain of supplies.   Emphasize your child's strengths, "You are so good at making friends, you are such  a great writer,"
Open communication with teachers.  Send them an introduction email-let them know you are excited to meet them and tell them about your kids positive attributes.  Most importantly, let them know you are available for any communication about concerns or celebrations.
And for you (parents)  remember to breath, take care of yourselves with plenty of sleep and don't forget to work date night into your plans.
It's going to be a great school year!